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Forgotten Tribes specializes in tribal ancestor and trophy skulls. Each piece is a work of art and unique. We can happily make you a custom piece and there are a few skulls that we have available throughout the year. While production time is usually one month, we make every attempt to deliver your order as soon as we can.


Custom Orders

The best way to ask about a custom skull replica is to email us ( a description of what you want including what the product is intended to do. Be as descriptive as possible...details are everything!

Make sure to include:

• Tribe of choice (Asmat, Dayak, Naga, Ifugao, West African Voodoo)

• Dark skull or light skull; heavily patterned or lightly patterned

• Specific materials (feathers, boar tusks, cowrie shells, seed beads (red or white), animal skulls, wire and cloth and replica pirate cobs (coins) for voodoo skulls, etc.) you would prefer us to use

• Photographs and sketches

• A project or bid deadline

• All your contact information

Upon submitting the request, we will contact you to follow up on your request and return an estimate as soon as possible.

Art Shows and Tradeshows

FORGOTTEN TRIBES attends MONSTERPALOOZA, SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA, and TransWorld and a handful of smaller industry tradeshows throughout the year and we offer skulls for sale to attendees.